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26-09-2017, 21:19
hi guys i didn't see this question on the forum yet so i dicided to post it.

for some reason my laptimes and car seem te be signifcantly quicker than my competitors. immidiatly from the start my car sprints away and i have almost 1 min lead compared to the number 2 on the first lap. My laptimes on spa with a porsche 911 GT3 are 2:09 in multiplayer which is way to quick to be realistic. i have the feeling that a delay between me and the host is causing the laptime issue. However i dont understand why my car seems to be faster then my competitors.

Also on spa i got in a little fender bender with someone i tried tot overtake who was a lap down. My engine quicly got hot en I went to the pits for repairs. It didnt cool the engine so i stopt on the kemmelstraigt for maybe 1 min and i lost my lead by the number 2. However the next lap i overtook him so quickly again it was like i was driving GT1 car compaired to him. what is going on, this isnt a one time thing. It happens every game i join. I even got kicked 2 times for hacking because the didnt believe my laptimes. Which is true but it not me that is causing it. SMS pls Help!



26-09-2017, 21:43
Are you using any overlocking tool? I remember something similar with other game using an Asus AI suite.
Please post you hardware specs and all the information of your system to help the devs.

27-09-2017, 11:47
I hope that your problem is a particular software & hardware configuration.

Anyway, if somebody finds that "doing this and after this..." you get an advantage, please don't post detailed info in public, because it would be very unfair for legal racers. You can expose the problem and the effects, but detailed steps for reproducing, please send it by a private message to our mods (Remco Van Dijk, Bealdor, Siberian Tiger...), that they will know what to do.

27-09-2017, 12:09
I saw something similar on Spa 2 days ago, two cars with times 2:04, 2:01 ... i was stable lap time circa 2:15 per lap and was overtaken twice by them :D ... maybe my bad driving or they uber driving not sure, but quite similar to your situation.

27-09-2017, 12:18
In a race at Monza GP in MP, I saw two players with a lap time of 1.20 with the GT3, impossible. This with XBOX.

28-09-2017, 19:25
Phronesis, I was in one of those races where you had a ridiculous laptime around Spa. I asked you about it in the chat.. then about 5 seconds later my computer froze (blue screen of death). Pretty surreal moment, considering pCars 2 has never caused a blue screen before. Ever. This includes more than 300 hours of testing during the WMD2 pre-alpha stage.

Needles to say I reported the incident. You sure you are playing a legit copy and ain't hacking? :)

28-09-2017, 19:34
I had this in PCars 1, I found the problem in the end.

29-09-2017, 13:27
List your CPU & Motherboard & Bios version (if you know it) & (video) Record your issues and send it to the devs via a PM to one of the moderators. Like Charger said, it was present in the first Pcars.

It is an odd hardware/CPU bug.

04-10-2017, 07:43
We saw it today in a league fun run . .. we were all on TS so I immediately asked the question to the guys that got the jump & they all said yes ... same as PC1 and also AC had this issue early on as well ... I will try and get the effected drivers spec's .

Who should I sent them to ? Siberian Tiger? no devs in this forum are there? ;-) ..

This needs to be looked at ..

They had the fix for PC1 so I'm confident they will squash it once they find it !