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26-09-2017, 21:47
Before this forum is overrun with feedback and bug reports (including my own!), I think itís only fair to point out what an impressive achievement Project Cars 2 is overall. I say this as a console player who was ultimately disappointed with the first game - while I saw its potential, the controls and user experience kept me from enjoying it fully. It just never clicked for me, which was unfortunate at the time when the PS4 was starved for a good driving sim.

I can already see this wonít be a problem with PCars 2, once a few things are ironed out. Though not perfect, the UI and controller settings are much better thought out this time. Driving is challenging yet engaging, for the most part. And it has to be said when people complain these days about not getting their $60 worth from a game, nobody ever seems to praise the ones that deliver probably double or triple that value! The sheer variety of content here ensures PCars 2 will be a slow and steady burn.

Finally, thanks to Ian and co. for remaining open and honest to the community. I hope you can maintain that outlook as users air their grievances (many legit, some not), without falling into the defensive posture I sometimes saw around PCars 1. Remember most of us just want to help realize the best game possible in the spirit of the WMD project, and we do understand how complex an undertaking this is. Hopefully people stay patient this time. Those who arenít going to give the game a chance will spew their drive-by thoughts and leave, while the rest of us will look forward to the year or so of improvements to come.

That said, here are a couple of my favorite photos so far:
Edit: apparently I can't post links just yet...would be nice to be able to attach screenshots to bug reports soon

26-09-2017, 21:56
Very well said agree with everything you said .Great game I have only scratched the surface .Once the bugs are sorted it will be even more awesome.