View Full Version : Reporting MP bug server name and password not saving when setting up servers.

26-09-2017, 22:07
it may have been reported but I cant find anything through the posts.

When setting up a server in the GUI to host a session, when you change the server name from Lobby to any thing else then also add a password the name doesn't save when you click save, this means you need to do this every time you make a server which makes it hard to do when your in VR, please can this be put on the list of things to fix.

Also when you set the vehicles for the server to use say cars from the same class like GT, you get a choice of cars to pick from before going into the practice session, if you at any time what to change to a different car to try before the race you have to leave the server to do so which seems a bit odd, please make the vehicles selected for the race to be able to be picked from within the pits until the qualifying round or the start of the race where it should be locked in to your final choice. I have had to leave and join many a MP practice session to try different cars available on the selected server I'm playing in or was hosting.

Thanks Hotdognz