View Full Version : What is it that i need to alter when on telemetry travel flashes red?

26-09-2017, 22:28
I noticed it on formula C,

And it got me thinking as to what it was trying to tell me.

(This was before i got frustrated with the slick tyre bug)

27-09-2017, 03:06
I'm no engineer so feel free to ignore this. I would look at bump stop first and possibly stiffen the springs after .... don't worry someone will know and share won't they ladies and gents.......

29-09-2017, 01:14
hmm, this didnt seem much of an answer, as i have come across this tonight. Im trying to figure out, like the op, what is the word "Travel" telling me when it is red. On a right hand low speed turn (77mph), the left side suspension shows the front "travel" as red very quickly and then back to white. I thought the numeric value meant something but the numbers varied between 1.1 -1.4inches and didnt necessarily coincide with the color. Another words, being at 1.1 inch didnt necessarily indicate red. Anyway my question is, what does this mean? Is the front end of the car touching the ground? Is the tire touching the wheel well? im not sure if i should adjust ride height or bumpstop. i would like to keep the car as low as possible. new to this and PC2 has definitely made it easier to understand, i just dont know what this part of telemetry is telling me. any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

29-09-2017, 02:38
I noticed it that but I think it's because I damaged one of the suspension bits and ended up pitting

Wayne Kerr
29-09-2017, 02:45
in a real world situation, the answer to that question is to ask "where are you hitting the bumpstops"

if it's on the straight, i wouldn't worry too much about it. Esp on a aero car where the bumpstops is there to serve exactly that purpose.

if it's in the corners, that's when i'd start looking into things.

so yah, until you can disclose where you're hitting the bump stops or runnig out of travel, that question is almost impossible to answer.