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26-09-2017, 23:32
Hi i have a question, i finish Kart - Ginetta championship and the Clio Cup but now i want do the Formula Rookie and i can't it is locked. Is this normal that i can't go back to a rank 6 Championship after i complete the Clio Cup ?

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your answer

27-09-2017, 04:42

27-09-2017, 04:47
You can only progress to a higher series or move sideways to a series in the same tier from what I've read and seen.

27-09-2017, 05:07
i finished Kart and went to Formula Rookie, I could've gone with Formula first if I wanted.

27-09-2017, 07:53
I'm curious too. Anyone have confirmation on what moves are possible? Can you move from any tier 6 to any tier 5 cup for instance? In other words: can you move from a lower to higher tier diagonally (FR3.5 > LMP3) or do you have to move vertically first (FR3.5 > Prototype C > LMP3)? Do the colored backdrops of tier 5 and above have any significance or are they just to there to show the logical progression?