View Full Version : A few questions regarding fixed setup community events

David Semperger
27-09-2017, 00:20
- How does fixed setup work with wheel vs. controllers? These have different default setups (loose vs. stable) on the PC and soon on the consoles as well. Will only one be used for both controller types in these events? If so, which one?

- Is it normal that the in-car management works in these events? I consider this questionable, since we can adjust brake balance, anti-roll bars and tire compounds from here (and we can certainly pit for new tires), at least partly beating the purpose of a fixed setup event.

- As for specifically the event at SUGO with the GT-R R34, how the hell did people post times in this rainy event, beating ones from sunny Time Trials? Does the rain stop if we wait for long enough or something? :)

27-09-2017, 14:36
I, too, would really like to know !