View Full Version : Will dedicated servers be going back into the "all" filter?

27-09-2017, 03:28
Im renting a server and its being wasted atm ( apart from if it gets used for league) I create a game but nobody sees the lobby as dedicated servers arent included in the filter

Also when using the searchds launch parameters does the created game need to be the default lobby name? When I tried renaming it it just launched as p2p, also does a created game on a dedi show in the browser as LOBBY or the server name?

27-09-2017, 06:35
Does anyone know whether touritetrafe...., well you know the server that had the track days configuration with real weather at the Nords for Road Cars only is back?, man I can not wait for it.

Also, I can't distinguish between p2p and dedis in this new browser. All servers have now the old pc1 dedi icon tagged to it. What are dedis and what are p2p now?