View Full Version : Blue Flag - weird behavior

27-09-2017, 06:29
Yesterday during 20m GT3 race on Spa i was constantly notified with blue flag...every 20-30 sec...but there was no car behind me, first car was 6-7sec behind...and i was penalised with pit drive trough.

Completly dont understand why?

Second thing, dont know if its relating with blue flag, from 2 or 3 lap (another race on RedBullRing) there was a car with blue name on position table with position stated as 20 place, i was 6...ang whole 20m race he fighting with ppl in top 10 without any problem...so no blue flag for him at all?


27-09-2017, 22:44
And people going out of pit in quali should be blue flagged