View Full Version : car transparency on track

27-09-2017, 08:41
How do you recognize when car on road is transparent (safe to drive trough) or not? Many times i saw when somebody hit wall and start spininig around track its going transparent and sometimes you hit it, or is parked in the middle of the road and you can drive by and ofc sometimes you hit it?

27-09-2017, 20:19
When the car not moving at all for like 3s then its transparent. The 3second just an example. Can be 2,5, etc. but i think this is how it works, and also thats why you cant go through spinning (moving) cars in front of you.

27-09-2017, 20:58
There doesn't seem to be any complaining about this, is it working as intended for DC cars to just stay on the track? Seems like a pretty big bug to me, but no one really mentioning it.

28-09-2017, 06:17
IMO there should be some exclamation mark or something to know when car is transparent and safe to drive trough.