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27-09-2017, 11:50
Hi all,

i just came back from friends place who has purchased pc2 and tried it out . i come from sim racing ( drifting ) background. Probably spent close to 4-5k hours in LFS.

My concern with buying this game is, FFB feels rubbish. It shakes, and auto corrects way too quickly. There is no smoothness to it what so ever, as soon as the rear end starts sliding the wheel kicks in straight away violently. I have adjusted few settings on FFB option but it still feels horrible

Is there a way to make FFB feel close to LFS ( really smooth ) or assetto corsa?

At this stage forza 7 has better FFB.


Siberian Tiger
27-09-2017, 11:52
Please let us now which Hardware (Wheel) you are using. And also which are you current FFB Settings?

Informative and Immersive has some sort of "Anti Clipping/Autoscale).

You can try Raw Mode... (Be Aware that you might Need to Adjust the FFB Volume to not have clipping)

27-09-2017, 15:07
g27, the counter steer and the correction is way way too harsh. soon as the car weight goes a little sideways it just snaps to counter steer auto..... its horribleeeeeeeeee

27-09-2017, 15:10