View Full Version : I seem to have lost the "Virtual split" from the HUD

Leper Messiah
27-09-2017, 12:29
It's gone. tried a few cars and tracks and modes and it's supposed to be their according to the options menu....but it's gone. What am I doing wrong?

27-09-2017, 12:31
assign a button to 'show lap info' i think

27-09-2017, 12:31
check keybindings, you may have turned it off with a button on the wheel,

27-09-2017, 12:36
And it's only visible after you've set a laptime before (without pitting iirc)

Leper Messiah
27-09-2017, 12:38
Cheers lads I'll have a looky now!

27-09-2017, 12:46
It will do that at times if you do a few things in game like monitor other cars. A simple key bind will fix that.

Leper Messiah
27-09-2017, 12:57
I knew I was doing something wrong! All back again, must have pressed that lap info button . cheers lads!:eagerness: