View Full Version : Game Stuck at Saving after qualifying online race

27-09-2017, 13:50
Game Stuck at Saving after qualifying online race , they had to kick me because my screen was frozen and in the right side was the saving logo, was kicked had to end task PC2 .

2Nd Time happening this ,i was fortunate not to lose online rating.

27-09-2017, 22:22
Happened twice to me too.
I remember I was tweaking the setup for the vehicle when the qualify session ended, maybe this is bug source?
Also I am using the Oculus Rift.
I suppose we don't lose rank because we indeed never entered the race :)

28-09-2017, 01:38
me too, is about stay in the setup screen when passing to the race and yes, you lose points, a lot ;)

28-09-2017, 02:01
I believe I had a similar fault last night.
I live in NZL and the others connected to my machine (hosted P2P race) were somewhere at a distance to me. Practice went fine, then my computer got stuck on the screen, where you press confirm to progress to the next session.
I had to terminate the game's process...

I suspect some form of network timeout occurred on my computer communicating to other players (at a guess).

I am running it from a hard drive right now, but I'm moving the game to a fast SSD this evening and I'll see what difference that makes if any.