View Full Version : How to create a shortcut with steam to always launch it in Steam VR mode?

27-09-2017, 14:48
In PCARS 1 I just had to add /Vr to the steam shortcut, but that doesn't seem to work on PCARS2.

Is there any way i could create one to avoid having to open it from the steam library all the time?

27-09-2017, 15:28

27-09-2017, 20:07
Oh ok, looks like the post i've seen for PCARS1 had the command with caps "/Vr" instead of lowercase "/vr" like the post you linked.

Thank you! Gonna try it now.

EDIT: Looks like I was not only doing the lowercase wrong, but also you have to change "rungameid" for "launch". It works perfectly thank you. This thread can be marked as solved.