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27-09-2017, 15:12
In PCars 1 you could start your career in GT3, can you do the same in PCars2, I cant find the same start point.


27-09-2017, 15:16
Yes, you can.

27-09-2017, 15:26
no you can't start in gt3, i found it quite annoying having to grind through series i don't like to get to the seasons i do

of course custom championships will change this i can make a season outside of the career

27-09-2017, 15:41
Don't forget you can also have up to 4 or 5 different profiles/careers... for e.g. 1 for formula... 1 for GT... 1 for Rallycross, etc so that you can switch between different ones in parallel without grinding one at a time. this may be less than ideal though if you want to total All your career stats on one account.

I think you should always be able to go backwards and replay or play new lower tier events.... but if I'm seeing it right you cannot go back to lower tiers until you finish all the way to the top tier..

27-09-2017, 16:29
Okay Thanks I thought so, shame I like the GT3 series the best

27-09-2017, 18:56
Okay Thanks I thought so, shame I like the GT3 series the best
My understanding is that SMS locked out the top two tiers in career mode as a compromise to alleviate those who whined over pCars1's open sandbox career mode. People complained pCars1's career mode had no sense of accomplishment, so now we have something to give us that sense of accomplishment, I suppose. Personally, I think it was a bad decision, but can understand why it was done, if my understanding of why it was indeed done is true. Besides, I always start career modes at the bottom and work my way up, so technically it doesn't affect me.

However, what I completely disagree with, if various threads ring true - haven't experienced it myself yet as I'm still in the bottom tier - is if lower tiers get locked as you move up. This is a design decision that for the life of me, I can't figure out. Guess I'll be making lateral moves until each tier is complete. Is it known if all lower tiers unlock once you reach the top tier as JakeDiggitty suggests? Hoping that's the case. I loved how I was able to bounce around the career mode if I wanted to in pCars1.

There's a lot of stuff I like about pCars2's career mode over pCars1. Lockouts are not one of them. Thanks everyone who can't feel a sense of accomplishment from simply putting in a hard fought race and instead need RPG-like unlocks to fulfill their achievement fix. :p

28-09-2017, 09:40
Thanks for you reply. I agree there is sense of achievement going through the ranks, so to speak. But sometimes its nice to choose where you want to start. i like GT3 and its what I drive most of the time, I like the ability to go back to carts etc and move up and down as you feel.

28-09-2017, 18:41
Give the super trofeo a chance, man i loved throwing that car around