View Full Version : Stuttering in VR when GPU usage is low

27-09-2017, 16:58
Hello, so my problem is that when the GPU usage is low (less than 60%ish), the game stutters continously in VR, it does that on lowest settings too (GPU usage is around 30% on lowest settings), but basically on any settings when the GPU usage gets lower than 60%ish, but stops doing that if the GPU usage gets high enough (above 60%ish). Car and track was Caterham 620R and Barcelona GP (but it does the same on any track/car), it happens regardless of weather. Also on the exact same graphics settings it stutters when the weather is sunny if the GPU usage is below 60%ish, but stops stuttering when it gets rainy/stormy because it increases the GPU usage. For now I put most settings on high and set VR supersampling to 1.4, cause it keeps GPU usage above 60% so it wont stutter, but interestingly enough if I decrease just VR supersampling to 1.3, GPU usage gets low enough for it to start stuttering again. My PC: i7 6700,16GB 2133MHz DDR4 ram, GTX 1070. I've tried deleting the xml file with the graphic settings, it didn't help, also I have the newest nvidia driver.