View Full Version : Real Weather in Single Player Quick Races - bugged or as intended?

27-09-2017, 17:02
I am not sure if this is as as intended, so I need to ask (Forum-search showed nothing for pc2 about that)

When I do a single player race with practice and qualifying, using real weather for all sessions (with different starting times and no time acceleration!) I get some kind of groundhogday-weather, only stretched to the session length. For instance I did 1 hour of practice at daytona road and got a cloudy start, light rain after abt. 3 minutes, then light clouds after abt. 20 minutes and rain again towards the end.
The same cycle happened during the 20 min qualy and the 45 min race, with the duration of the weatherslots stretched accordingly.

my questions:
Shouldnt real weather have 1-hour slots too, or is there some auto-sync to session?
Does the session start time not have an influence on the weather?
Is it working as intended with the same weather progression in all 3 sessions?

Note: the daytona-race was just one example. The described behavior is reproduceable for me on fuji, hockenheim and barcelona (did not try on any other tracks)