View Full Version : (Controller) Suggestion: Access to full opposite lock steering during oversteer?

27-09-2017, 18:13
Hey guys, loving the game and looking forward to seeing it reach its potential as patches come through :)

I play on PS4 using a controller. Something I feel that could make PCars2 better is if it gave you the option to access the full opposite lock of your steering when your car starts oversteering, to help you catch/hold slides. (If you use Speed Sensitivity = 0 naturally you’ve always got access to *all* of the steering *all* the time, but anyone who’s tried that with a gamepad knows it’s impossible to drive like that :p ).

Granted, using higher values of Speed Sensitivity sufficient to make the steering smooth enough at high speeds (I’m currently using a value of 75-85), if you oversteer and try to catch it, the game does currently apply an oversteer helper which increases the amount of opposite steering you get access to, but I’m finding it’s usually still not enough and if I had access to the full range of the steering in that moment, that I probably could’ve saved the car from spinning, and thus from having to restart the race or quitting.

Some people might say ‘turn your speed sensitivity down lower’ to get more steering ability, but it just becomes too twitchy and difficult. Becomes a compromising balance.

Just having an on/off option in the controls for this would be neat and probably an improvement for controller users I think.

Another thought...it could possibly also make drifting more achieveable using a controller.