View Full Version : Game shifting Automatically even when set to manual. New bug?

Mon Pavion
27-09-2017, 18:27
So I am inching along in my career mode with Formula Rookie. I noticed something weird last night.

I have gear shifting set to manual. For some reason when I first joined the session, the game was shifting automatically for me. My paddle shifters still worked, but it would also auto shift too. I joined a private testing session and it did the same thing. So I went back to the settings menu to check to make sure I had it set to Manual (which I did), I cycled it to automatic and back to manual and that seemed to fix it.

I am using the Thrustmaster 458 Italia and pedals (paddle shifters, no clutch)

I haven't seen any other posts about this. Anyone experience this?

28-09-2017, 23:59
I am experiencing the same on my g29! Glad I'm not crazy!

Mon Pavion
29-09-2017, 02:34
Devs or mods? Is this a known issue?

Super Supes
29-09-2017, 10:40
I have and i know of at least 2 other people that have also had the same issue

Mon Pavion
29-09-2017, 13:05
I am using thrustmaster 458 Italia edition btw