View Full Version : How to transition from clear dry to snow covered ground?

27-09-2017, 19:19
Trying to figure out how to creat a transition from clear dry ground to snow covered ground?

Anybody know how to do this? Is there a specific day or few days where ground changes from clear dry to snow covered? I was hoping to choose a day, and a few hours just before the snow season and start with clear dry weather.... then choose a second weather as blizzard, and speed up time progression and weather progression as much as possible (like 60x) with the goal that the season and weather would change from winter dry ground to snow covered blizzard ground.... I haven't fully tried this yet, but is it possible? Probably would want to choose a snow or all terrain tire that has ok grip in both scenarios.. or even hit the pits to change tires.... also the AI is probably not yet very good at such a drastic change, but first just trying to see if possible....

One of the early timelapse videos shows a transition from clear dry to snow covered ground... so it should be possible....!?!

Leper Messiah
27-09-2017, 19:22
Not sure it's posisble, the seasons are split up and don't merge "live" in game. The vid is clearly the seasons "stitched" together to form a whole, tad misleading I agree. I've not seen any game let along a sim that can simulate how snow builds ups.