View Full Version : [Reported] 2 second ish' freeze random times.

27-09-2017, 19:59
Hi all.

New to the forum. Im having a random freeze at random times it will occur for around 2 seconds then start playing again as normal. Sometimes strangely it can happen on impact into a wall.

Win 10 .
Gtx 1070 2 way sli.

All usual temps etc seem fine.

Thanks in advance.

28-09-2017, 13:27
I've been having the same problems. Game will freeze for 2-5 sec about every 3-5 minutes of racing. Happens less frequently during practice. Survivable if on a straight, clearly not if in or approaching a turn. Controls do not work during the freeze (can't pause game). Seems completely independent of visual settings and will happen if everything is at the minimum. After poking around, realized that my processor is just below the minimum required hardware, so I'm not sure if its a bug or I just need to upgrade.

win 10 creators
Gtx 1070
16G memory

28-09-2017, 13:32
I have an i7-2600k overcloked to 4.2ghz i cant see it being a cpu issue. I found that when it happends on the msi afterburner it always shows a frametime spike and a voltage and power spike also. May not be the cause though just picking up the problem.

I will be looking and testing more tonight and checking windows event logs. And trying the steam framecap.

28-09-2017, 14:38
This just started happening out of nowhere to me the other day. I raced for hours without any freezes before then, but now it seems to happen like clockwork.

RX480 8GB

28-09-2017, 15:23
Yea i didnt get it for 2 days untill i started messing with settings.

28-09-2017, 16:32
Well it makes me feel a little better than those with supported processors are having the same problem... maybe I'll be able to play again before coffee lake comes out.

I've noticed this from the beginning, but it certainly seems like its gotten more frequent and the freezes are lasting longer. Last weekend I had family over running in test sessions and it only froze once in 90 minutes. The next day I can't get through a single race without a freeze induced crash. So races do seem to induce the problem with me much more frequently.

I've tried the framecap, skipping crowds and thread count and none of them have helped with the freezing (though adding the last two did make it run more smoothly).

28-09-2017, 21:51
Had a good few hours messed with the fps cap, 100/63/62.8 etc and pre rendered frames 2 works best for me with fps cap 62.8 with a 100hrz monitor. Frametime seems pretty good and no freeze for 2 hours. Before i adjusted the above i was getting the freeze every 5 mins or so. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

29-09-2017, 15:48
Happens to mee to. The game flows at 60 fps all the time except these hang ups lasting between 0,5 and 2 seconds. It happens maybe once or twice each lap on some short circuits. Nurnbergrnig is unplayable, because it happens many times in one lap.
Is it some kind of ram problem? Except this the game is beautiful. But right now unplayable.

I have i7 6700k, 16gb ram, gtx 1080, playing on 4 k screen with pretty high graphics settings. (no oc, and getting 60fps all the time except the hick ups).

Edit: I tried to turn of vsync in game, and putting fps cap through steam, and turning of 3d sync general adaptive sync in nvidia controll panel. This affected the freeze --> much less freeze time but some other artifacts happend so i turned back. Hope they fix this soon.