View Full Version : Race wont start, loading hangs at 75%

27-09-2017, 20:07
Just installed the new project cars 2, the game opens fine and I can setup my wheel and races etc, but whichever race and car I choose, it sticks at 75% and never completes!? I have to hard power off the PC to get back in again.

Anyone else seen this? any suggestions??

Win 10
GTX1060 graphics

Roger Prynne
27-09-2017, 21:45
What USB port are you using 2 or 3?
The reason for asking this is because a few months ago I moved my PC and disconnected all cables, when putting it back together I plugged my wheel into a USB 3 slot by mistake.
When a track was loading I had the same problem and it was stopping at between 75/100%.
It took me ages to realize that the wheel being plugged into the wrong port was causing this.
Once it was plugged back into the USB 2 port everything was fine again.