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27-09-2017, 20:59
Just 'got out' of Formula Renault 3.5. C'est bon. Saw the upcoming Community Event at Zoowhatever and jumped into time trial fully expecting to be pointing the wrong way in the nearest sandpit, but , no I got it round the whole lap, admittedly there are fish that could have done it quicker but , hey , so after a few laps and a couple of teeny changes to the set up, once again I am whizzing around and it's definitely coming together nicely. A really good part of that is my ability to 'catch a slide' which on PC1 was pretty much impossible ( for me anyway) I am very happy, PC2 has had some fine work done on it - Yes there are a number of issues, some of which have affected me, but certainly not unplayable and nothing game breaking. Inconvenient at worst and soon to be improved by the forthcoming patch we are promised. I really like the way this sim/game feels and I for one, am quite happy to just try out some cars on some tracks, mess about and have some fun and when the time comes (couple of weeks at worst?) I will get back to fully explore what the Devs meant us to. Cracking job - bad luck with the Q&A - good luck with the patch.

27-09-2017, 21:19
C'est bon

Roger Prynne
27-09-2017, 21:57
Glad you're enjoying it mate.