View Full Version : Steam Overlay and Unable to Invite Friends to Multiplayer session

27-09-2017, 21:18
Hi all,

2 issues here but I believe relate to the same issue.

1). I have no steam overlay. i can't press Shift + Tab to bring it up.
YES : I have checked the in-game option in Steam and it is Enabled. I have also tried re-enabling it (on/off/on) no difference.
NO: I don't have any other overlays on my PC at all.

2) When creating an online custom session, I can't invite friends to the multiplayer lobby. If I click INVITE, nothing happens. I would assume this is down to the fact there's no Steam Overlay?.

2a: If I get sent a friend request, I have to come out of the game (ALT TAB) and accept the invite but the game sometimes is just a black screen, but I can still hear what's going on.

Any ideas on the 3 points would be appreciated.

30-09-2017, 11:51
Don't use FRAPS if you are, as that causes it.

06-01-2018, 17:01
I got all 3 problems as well