View Full Version : Starting to get fed up with racing online

27-09-2017, 21:40
The title says it all.

Someone goes into the back of me or the side and I get penalised for driving standards or something like that.

There's a crash at turn 1 at Monza and I cut the corner to avoid a crash and get asked to give the position back. Give it back and get a drive through pen.

I love the game but for goodness sake online gaming is ridiculous at times and so frustrating.

No doubt all the above counts towards my online license grade.

Anyone else experience this?

jim jonez
27-09-2017, 21:57
This is the current disadvantage the bigger the platform the more Bell Ends racing !!! But would rather have this than nothing .... My rating has gone down soo much. Just have to be patient and wait for the excitement to die down, then we can separate the seeds from the sticks.
I'll be join races with friends or smaller groups for noiw

27-09-2017, 22:12
Have you thought about joining a club? There's loads to choose from and they offer all sorts of racing, leagues , championships and one off races on Lfg within the clubs..... and because they have the option to kick out the ruiners it tends to be some great racing.

27-09-2017, 22:18
I raced one time online, dude slammed into me going into turn 1. later when I tried to pass him he turned me. I backed out and havent touched online since.

28-09-2017, 00:49
I raced one time online, dude slammed into me going into turn 1. later when I tried to pass him he turned me. I backed out and havent touched online since.

I think this is the story of every single person that ever started online racing in probably every game. For the same reason (and also because I was feeling I was not competitive enough and/or I could not handle it), I also refrained for long from online racing. But later I slowly attempted that again and over time got used to it, learned how to deal with crashers, how to avoid them and where to go to find as clean racers as possible. And when I do find clean races, for me now the experience racing online does not compare to anything else in the game, it's such a huge adrenaline rush. Of course YMMV and possibly actually you will never find it as enjoyable as I do, but I'd suggest to give it another try sometime. PC2 gives the tool to find clean races much easier, although it still needs some fine tuning.

Alan Dallas
28-09-2017, 01:18
Ahhh yes, this old complaint. Seen it many time when I used to play iRacing. Quit it long ago because of the online whingers.

Give you an example. Practice session @Mid-Ohio in DW-12, some wannabe that doesn't know what brakes are for keeps using me as a brake bumper any time he gets near me. Even ran over my front wing cutting over the pit exit line as I was coming out. Then he had the BALLS to complain in the chat that anytime he got near me I was doing something to cause us to get a penalty. He did serious damage to my safety rating in that practice session. I completed that race, he didn't, took some other poor bastard out near the beginning of the race and blamed that guy. Replay show otherwise. Thank god I wasn't near him or it would have been me.

That's just one of many stories of clowns thinking they have the racecraft to compete online.