View Full Version : No sound, and often game just wont load!

27-09-2017, 21:46
Hi everyone...

I have a problem.. On initil start up, all ws great, went through set up no problem.. All of a sudden sound just disappeared, then when exiting to check playback devices, the game crashed and froze on black screen.. Weirdly, my soundcrd had been muted, so I unmuted it thinking great, but on starting the game for the 2nd time, boom, black screen and onto bug report... Same thing happend 3 more times, so I restarted my PC, and it loaded... But still no sound... I exit, and then we have the same cycle over and over... Project Cars 1 works perfectly, always has done, so this is pure PC2...
I have updted my GPU drivers and that of my sound card.. Still computer says no.

I am running win 10 x64, AMD FX8350, MSI ARmour GTX 1070, 16gb ripjaws memory and Creative soundbalster Z sound card.... Game installed through steam on a Steam only SSD...

ANyone else suffer this issue, and find a solution, or anyone anywhere have a clue...


28-09-2017, 10:19
What, not one single idea from anyone?

28-09-2017, 13:07
I dont know whether to be impressed that I have everyone stumped, or annoyed I'm the only one with this very issue..

I have a 2nd pc, with same spec except MSI R9 390 GPU... Who knows, perhaps this will work.. Is there seriously no one out there with the same issue... Uninstalled and re downloaded and reinstalled, same problem, game doesnt load, at all, not even to the slightly mad logos or 3rd party logos...

28-09-2017, 14:47
Does your motherboard have onboard sound?, I would try disabling it in the MB's Bios., since you are using a SoundBlaster card. ( If you haven't already.):)
Also check in device manager, disable any sound drivers not applicable to your SoundBlaster Z card. (if any). Then reboot.

28-09-2017, 17:49
Hi Bullwinkle.. Yeah, as standard I dont install gpu audio drivers, only ever use the soundcard, which is up to date.. I have just installed it on to my spare PC, almost identical spec save for win 8.1 instead of 10, and R9390 instead of gtx 1070... Sound was fine on that, then it crashed too.. Now I have the same issue on both, game wont even load, so who knows if the sound works... Sad thing is, initially it loaded, then crashes everything, have to reboot the computer, and then any attempts to load the game, through steam, or straight threought the short cut, or even through Nvidia or Radeon, always the same... I'm completely stumped, and there doesn't seem to be any clue as to what I am doing wrong.. Project Cras 1 works perfectly on both, always has, no issues ever... If you have any clue, I would be very happy, not happy ending happy, but very happy.. Thanks for the reply anyway.

28-09-2017, 23:18
I have, I will claim, fixed the AMD GPU machine, and it so far plays well, but for the life of me, I can not get the Nvidia machine to play ball... So I'll hope its an issue with my particular graphics card, and wait till they release the necessary fixes.. Rock on AMD.

Thanks for your help anyway.

29-09-2017, 21:20
Hi, to me it happens exactly the same, I access the game and I hear the initial video, and the audio is finished, the game works perfectly, and when I try to leave the game it freezes. I have no idea why it is. I have reinstalled the game and continue to do so, I have also updated the graphic card, but nothing. I have amd fx 9370 and AMD R9 280 and MB asus.