View Full Version : Online shows only 50 servers, many are in race...

27-09-2017, 22:30
So we know we only see 50 servers online when viewing the lobbies. Many of those are in the R (race), so my question, why does anyone need to see the servers that are already in the race? We can't join them, and who would want to anyway? I was thinking we should only see the lobbies that can be joined, the ones in L, P, or Q. There should be a filter where we could turn off showing us the servers that are in a race, or put all the servers that are in a race all the way at the bottom, which would make more sense if we didn't have the current 50 server limit. Does this make sense to you guys? SMS?

27-09-2017, 23:16
You can join as a spectator.