View Full Version : Steering Wheel Turning Radius Issue

28-09-2017, 00:37
I donít know exactly how to explain this but, if I am driving for example the Ford GT GTE where full wheel lock is not a full 360 degrees when I change to a car like the Corvette Z06 which should turn about 1 1/2 turns before full lock the Corvetteís wheel turns the same as the GT.

It isnít just visual either because when I get to the lock less than 360 degree on the corvette I checked if the wheels keep turning when I turn my G27 wheel and they donít.

Bottom line is if I use cars that have a shorter steering wheel lock and switch to a car that has more it becomes like a GTE cars steering radius.

It gets fixed by restarting the game but that is not the most convenient thing to do.

Anyone else experience this too?