View Full Version : ] I won the TC Masters Euro championship....but I didn't!

28-09-2017, 05:59
So I haven't posted anything as yet...just reading the forums working out what parts of the game to avoid and what to play and for the most part I am thoroughly enjoying SMS's sequel. When everything works in this game I have had some of the most enjoyable\challenging races I have ever had in any PC racing game.

I have been playing Career Mode and began with the fourth discipline in the career tree. I have moved through Ginetta Junior Challenge, Renault UK Clio Cup, Group A (man the Sierra is a beast!), Renault RS01 and finally to Tier 2 Touring Car Masters Euro

There are four cars to choose from in this class and I chose the Opel Astra TCR. It's a multi-class championship with a few GT4 and GT3 cars thrown in. Obviously you don't compete against these points wise and I won the championship against the other cars\teams in my class in the last race in the rain by 5 points.....except I didn't!

I came top of the points, recieved the messages saying well done you can progress to the next tier...but then I did not recieve the gold\silver accolade and the next tier (Tier 1 TC Masters International) is still locked. On the career path screen it mentions that I came 5th. Now I probably did when all cars are considered (GT3, GT4) but this tier is racing just the other Touring Cars.

Has anyone else come across this problem when racing the TC Masters tier? I believe this maybe a bug as you will not be able to progress to Tier 1

28-09-2017, 11:31
Yep, same here in tc masters, RX tier 1 and - which was a real pain in the ass - endurance tier 1

As I understand it meanwhile you really have to be first in total - not only class - to get the accolades.

28-09-2017, 13:15
Same here, I raced the IMSA equivalent in tier 2 in a GTE, won all the races but got second in the championship. To be fair, I think there were points given for fastest lap in the race. Not easy to do, when you're not in the fastest class.

That's why I chose to do LMP1 in the endurance championship in tier 1, did a short season, won all 3 races, but apparently that's not enough to win the season, I only came in 2nd. I guess this time around there was a driver of another class who also won all of his races and got lucky the game listed him as first and not me.

I hope this can be fixed, looking forward to it!

28-09-2017, 13:23
I hope this can be fixed, looking forward to it!

Same here. Multi-class racing is definitely one of my favorite features in this game. Would be a shame if this issue persists.