View Full Version : Engine goes to idle rev after downshifting

28-09-2017, 08:02

Perhaps not tied to the downshift protection, but the engine going to idle revs is annoying as well.

I tested it this morning in the Nissan 240z-isch or something.

Steps to reproduce:
1 Cruising in 3rd gear 4000 rps.
2 Brake.
3 Press clutch and shift to 2nd gear.
4 Release clutch
5 Do not press the accelerator.

In my real car the revs would adept to the revs from the engine and the second gear I have chosen. The car in this case is propelling the engine, known as engine braking.

In pc2 engine goes to stationary revs. This is not correct. I can reproduce it. A lot of manual cars have this awkward behaviour.

Any tips on what I do "wrong"?

My real life car has done 250000 km. Transmission, clutch, and engine are still in very good condition. I don't overrev in real life, nor do I intend to in my simulations.

28-09-2017, 17:21
Yes I noticed this as well. It is very annoying and unrealistic. I guess it has something to do with the artifical shiftdelay SMS has built in. You can find a thread about it in the pc forum. Basically this is to model realistic shift times. But it doesn't feel right at all. You can counter it by heel toeing when downshifting.
However I hope they change it soon.

28-09-2017, 17:32
Didn't test yet, but this would also mean you don't get shift-lock(the rear wheels locking up from fighting the engine compression when you don't blip the throttle). This would make it easier than RL. Opposed to the shift delay which makes it way harder than RL.

28-09-2017, 19:13
I've been driving mainly H-shift pattern cars (with wheel & TH8A shifter) and have found that some cars perform as normal while others exhibit this behaviour of idle revs as described by the OP. I also found, if you shift from any gear to neutral (not that you would really want to do that), the car stays in the last gear selected and doesn't go into neutral, except when the car is stationary and you shift from 1st to Neutral then Neutral will be selected. Of course, the other problem is that you can do all this shifting without using the clutch at all (with clutch set to manual in the settings). I hope this bug is put near the top of the priority list of fixes.