View Full Version : Time trial and loading screen record times (WR, PB and friends best) not right

28-09-2017, 09:11
Hi, the display of the world record and your personal best on the time trial screen including all sector times is a fantastic idea and a great improvement and helps motivation. The same for displaying this on the loading screen along with your friends personal best.

However, currently it's not fit for function (At least on PS4 not sure about other platforms). What it displays is the world record for that track and NOT the world record for the car you are driving in. For example, I'm racing the formula rookie on Knockhil with a PB of 59.8 seconds. On the time trial display while I'm driving it's showing a wr and sector times of 34 seconds which is a different car and not comparable at all.

I understand and can live without the filtering on the leaderboards but in time trial and on loading screens where only two (or three) times are measured (WR and PB) it's just not fit for purpose. When querying the timetrial database to select these figures couldn't you add an 'AND' statement making sure the car with the time equalled the car being driven? The car which made the times are written to the database so I can't see this being difficult to query and select.

It's a great idea to do this but at the moment it's a bit meaningless.

I really hope there is something to do here?

30-09-2017, 20:24
I don't even bet PB or Friends Best times in the loading screens, only World Records are shown. Anyone else experiencing this as well?