View Full Version : [Known Issue] Problem view

28-09-2017, 10:17

I have a problem with the display when I play project cars 2.

Let me explain:

I drive, my view is "cockpit" I want back in the booth.
After a lot of adjustment, I go on the track, but my view is 'bumper.

Why change the perspective alone?
Thanks for your help.

Roger Prynne
28-09-2017, 11:20
Yes it's a known problem and should be fixed.

28-09-2017, 11:25
Perhaps, it will be great for players (PS4/PC/XBOX) to have a Pre list of known issues, and what the 1st patch will correct !
Even if it's not exhaustive.

I think it will be helpful for everybody

28-09-2017, 12:06
Yes, its good idea.
Thank you for your answer