View Full Version : My Take (and a couple of requests)

28-09-2017, 10:25
I'm not going to go over the already done to death issues (plenty of threads for those !).

Taking bit account the early hiccups I feel it is an improvement on PC1.
Feels a more polished in certain areas.

If I am going to groan about a couple of things.......

The Wheel set up is unnecessarily complex.
Eventually you can come to something that resembles what passes for some "steering feel", but seriously, you do not need that much option for adjustment................just simplify it !

The gripe I have is the Gear Ratios, or adjustment of.
While it is nice to be able to fine tune the Gear Ratios as required, the way it is presented is almost to the point of being meaningless.

Unless you know the "Maximum Engine Speed (RPM)" and the resulting "Speeds in Gear" & the "Overall Theoretical Speed", trying to calculate the required Ratios is a bit like pissing into the wind !

So please please please, on the next update or patch, how about including that vital info for setting your Gearing :D

Oh, and while I'm on a request thing (again many pleases)................

Ferrari 312 PB (1971/72/73)
I could drive this round Spa Historic all day :o

And rather selfishly............

Ferrari F430 Coupe' F1 (be interesting to see just how close yo can get this to the real thing..............yes I own one !)
Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Ferrari F430 Challenge
Ferrari F430 GTC/2/3