View Full Version : Lobby host always starts at the back of the grid?

28-09-2017, 10:30
Me and a few friends get together and play pCARS and now pCARS2 on a Wednesday night.
We've noticed though that the room host always seems to start at the back of the grid, behind all the AI cars whist the rest of us joining the lobby are placed on the front row.

Are we missing something here in the room setup so we all start at the front or back or completely randomly?

28-09-2017, 18:32
No-one else experienced this?

16-10-2017, 17:18
I haven't played with friends since the last patch, but yeah this was something we found very annoying and ended up putting qualifying sessions in, where possible. I won't know until mid-week if it's still doing it (since the patch), but I hope not.

Krus Control
16-10-2017, 17:54
My experience has been that host always starts at the front of the grid. So much so that it's a tactic that I use to gain points with more certainty. Also host has a big advantage on starts if even one person in the lobby has a bad connection; the game will have a massive frame drop that affects the physics just after the start and host always gets a small boost from it.

In my opinion the only option should be full random. Especially in ranked races it isn't fair if the starting grid is the same at every race start in the lobby and some people are starting from 7th or 10th every time while others are starting from pole and 2nd every time. And even in unranked I don't like the spirit of it. There should at least be an option in unranked of fully random, host first, or host last which there currently isn't at all. There should probably be the options of highest/lowest skill/safety rating first/last. And in ranked fully random should be the only option.

18-10-2017, 19:43
Yeah I always start at the end of the grid. My friend started in 2nd somehow, even though we didn't do qualifying. Just a practice round

25-10-2017, 10:08
*bump* Could we at least get acknowledgement of this bug? It's rather annoying...