View Full Version : FFB T500 RS Profile switched to T300 profile and ...

28-09-2017, 10:58
feels much better!
After 5 days poking around on my T500, nothing good to get - one class 1/2 right, some other feel way to stiff, soft or somewhat else funny.
It always felt like driving on cold tires, no suspension, no grip loadup. To stiff or to soft, heavy deadzone and no feeling for the rear.
FX seems to have no effect, tone has effect, but i couldn't balance it out.
Best was with Spades files. But only for GT3/GTE and somewhat edgy.

I have done:
New driver, actual firmware
tested all 3 presets,
Up/down volume/tone
FX 0-100 no effect
Deleted userprofile
Tried all jackspades files
Thrustmaster driver: 45-60%, 100/100/0/0

So, i just switched profile (man i'm a slow brain) from T500 to T300, RAW and that.was.an.eyeopener.
Now i have a good baseline, feels more like PC1, i finally can PUSH! Rallycross is fun!
GT1/GT3/GTE very nice, i feel loads and suspension, i can get tiretemps. GTO (Ford Trans) and Group 5 Capri a little bit to stiff but fun.

So, is something wrong with the T500 profile ?

wouldnt still buy the 720S, no way ;)

28-09-2017, 11:00
If you switch back to the T500 profile and use RAW, is it worse again? Is your wheel recognised properly by the game?

Siberian Tiger
28-09-2017, 11:03
Nope, definitly nothing wrong with the T500RS Profile.

At least on of our Physic Guru "Jussi Karjalainen" uses the T500RS with its Profile.

And i am also using my T500RS with the T500RS Profile. No Problems here....

28-09-2017, 11:11
Wheel was recognized properly at install, default profile raw and is working as aspected in PC1 (Lovely) and AC.( so so ;) )
suspicous may be, i have tried my 10 year old G25 out of frustration- that hardware change was recognized by driver, but not by game.
Will try profile change back to t500 later

28-09-2017, 14:55
Switched back to t500. Feels way better. Not so unpredictable anymore. Maybe a bit to stiff, but i am completely unsure, to much testing today ;)

28-09-2017, 17:33
hrmpf, back to bad after patch. The nice grip feeling i had is lost, profile change doesnt change that anymore.
Last resort - reinstall. Are there some reg keys i have to kill manually ?

09-10-2017, 11:50
Just for the record.
Problem seems solved. Simple solution... Reinstall winX, drivers, steam. And RAW feels complete different to what i had.
Just gave it a real short try one car each Gt3, GTO, GR. 4, GT1. Now it feels like it would make sense to do a setup change. I have grip with cold tires and the cars are planted .... :p

Possible problem
My win install wasnt updated for a long time because of "Oops that will not work ... So much partitions here... i'm so windoows " SHUTUP!
Now im on build 15063 including all updates. Hope so.