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28-09-2017, 13:05
Watched a lap back last night. Lap was 2:00 more or less. Replays only seem to last for 2 mins in total so it misses off the start of the lap. If this is the case how do we replay a lap on Spa or even Nordschleife??

Trippul G
28-09-2017, 16:49
There's always Upload Studio...or Mixer if you really want longer replays. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

Alan Gamester
28-09-2017, 17:55
If you choose Replay during the race/practice/qualification it will be a certain amount of time the replays that are available after a race are in there entirety I recorded this replay of Round 3 of Lamborghini Super Trofeo


So if you want to have a full lap for example at Nurburgring choose Custom race get rid of AI etc and then watch the replay at the end of session

I hope this helps out a little

29-09-2017, 10:53
Not really. I want to be able to lap in time trial then watch a full replay of my lap. Only way to do this currently is to broadcast and watch that back but the rez isn't as good as dvr

Alan Gamester
29-09-2017, 12:49
Ahh Time trial I see, My memory is spotty at best but if I remember correctly that we couldn't get full replay in Time Trial in PCARS1 also (I might be mixing it up with practice) so it maybe a legacy issue but I am sorry I couldn't help find a solution hopefully it will get fixed in the future because having a lap replay even if only the fastest lap would be decent rather than 1 min at Nurburgring.

Trippul G
29-09-2017, 14:22
One thing to remember which may be helpful is that Upload Studio will allow you to record beyond the 5-minute limit that you'd normally have if you select from the menu. If you tell it ahead of time to Start Recording, you can go for longer than 5 minutes (I think up to 10, possibly longer? though I've never actually tried). Again, not ideal, but better quality than streaming, and unless you're Captain Slow, it should get you your entire lap at the Ring.

Alan Gamester
29-09-2017, 14:34
This is perfect if you just want your Lap as you drove it but if you want all the cool TV camera angles you will need the Built in replay if not mistaken... I think it depends on what kind of video you want TV broadcast or straight Gameplay

Trippul G
29-09-2017, 14:40
^True. Like I said, it's not ideal, but at least it's an option.

Alan Gamester
29-09-2017, 14:56
For me it makes the most sense in this day in age to have multiple avenues to record your gameplay as you see fit especially with the rise of all the streaming and video sharing that goes on now a days but yes Upload is one of the better alternatives