View Full Version : Penalty and give back position!!

28-09-2017, 13:39
Is it only me?

It doesn't matter how carefull I'm driving trying Not to hit any cars and keep my car between the lines and Still get Penalty and have to give back positions (that they didn't have in the first place)!!??

When driving career mode in rallycross it keeps giving me penalty for taking the Joker lap more once when I haven't even done it once yet?! Still keeping the car On the track!

In a race a whole bunch of cars did end up in a pile and I drove carfully around And got penalty and had to give up a whole bunch of positions.

I've been to enough races to know that this is Not how it works in the real world...

This is Not my first car game.
Have been playing games for more then 25 years and never had to work so hard to try to get the game to be playable with both the handcontroller and wheel.
And I should add that my sons have tested also..

I got the game the Big package from my wife and sons for my birthday and was so happy. And now I'm so sad that I can't get it to work the way I thought it was meant to...

Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

28-09-2017, 14:18
same here it's a joke