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28-09-2017, 14:36
Makes it alot more enjoyable, hope you keep updating to make PC2 the best racing Sim.

28-09-2017, 14:47
Did they roll out a patch today?

28-09-2017, 14:47
Did they roll out a patch today?

On PC yes.

28-09-2017, 14:47
Did they roll out a patch today?

Patch 1.1.3, PC only.

Siberian Tiger
28-09-2017, 14:49
Yes, on PC there is a 1.1.3 Version Live.

It's an Update which deals with the Hotfix from 1.1.2 and make it now as it should be (Serverlist). And it has some other Improvements...

BUT, there will be soon Patch Number 2.0 which will be released on Console aswell. (With many more Improvements/Fixes)

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28-09-2017, 14:49
Yup! They did!
And it's totally removed the feeling of all kerbs in the FFB :D

It's absolutely awful to drive, Try Sugo, there is absolutely no feeling of kerbs at all, go as fast as you like and you get the audio but absolutely no sensation in the wheel :-/

28-09-2017, 14:59
What should have been fixed with the AI? Speeds in the wet? If so I just did a 10 lap race at Brands Hatch GP in the Porsche GT3 911. Race started dry I was matching their pace. AI still pitted on lap 2 for wets. If didn't rain until lap 7 when I came in and then was 2.5 secs per lap faster.

28-09-2017, 15:04
Is there a patch note thread anywhere?

Siberian Tiger
28-09-2017, 15:05