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28-09-2017, 15:35
This is the first invitational event I got invited to in my new career.

I decide to drive the Jaguar and the race takes place in a soaking wet Donington track.
First weird thing is that there's no wet compound choice in the setup menu.

When I started the race it seemed like the bugged Ruapuna snow race in Formula Rookie, I have no grip at all. The car spins at the minimum press of the throttle pedal (especially after the second turn).
I tried to lower the tires pressure, tried all the compounds but nothing changes.
The AI of course doesn't seem to have the same problems.

Anyone tried this event and got the same problem?
I'm on PS4 anyway.

28-09-2017, 16:32
I had the exact same issue but was able to change the tyres to 'All Terrain' which gave me just about enough grip to negotiate the deep puddles on the back straight. Grip on the rest of the circuit was enough, with gentle throttle inputs, to win the event but it still took me several attempts. Don't know if it makes a difference but I saved the setup after changing the tyres. Good luck!

Just spotted that you were at Donnington. My event was at Silverstone National (I'm on the PC).

28-09-2017, 18:00
I think I tried that already but I will do it again.
I'm just wondering... is it me the problem or there is a bug with some wet races?
They said that in PC2 handling in wet conditions was more fair, is it? :confused:

28-09-2017, 23:10
/Agree on the Silverstone event... The handling is VERY weird on the Jaguar.. and the AI fly past on the back straight while you can barely hold it in a straight line!

28-09-2017, 23:33
Is it just the Jag that has this issue? Does the F1 have it too in this event? I've only tried the Jag so far myself and experienced the same madness as mentioned already. Was gonna try the F1 first before I sit down and start tuning the Jag in Free Practice to better handle this race. Was one of the next things on my list to do.

Good to know about the All Terrain tires. Hadn't tried those yet. For sure, the Wellington straight is pure insanity with some of those puddles.

28-09-2017, 23:54
Sorry, you are right. It was Silverstone not Donington.

Anyway I tried the All Terrain compound and it was just a little bit better but still undrivable in my opinion.
Hope this will get some attention in the next patch as well, together with the Formula Rookie and Ginetta problems. :(

29-09-2017, 06:00
I tested both, and I think the Jaguar is still better than the F1 on the dry. So on the wet ;)
I did this event (I even was last by a huge margin) and yes, it is hard. I will try it again in some weeks, to see if I improved.

03-10-2017, 04:52
Just attempted this event tonight. It is really frustrating to watch the AI fly down the straight while you constantly fish tail. This one feels impossible to do with a controller.

6 attempts later. This is the hardest race I've dealt with so far. Not sure how the heck you are supposed to be able to finish anything but last place. Extremely frustrating.

afte 2 more attempts. Are you kidding me. I had to stay under 90k to even make it around the track.

07-10-2017, 13:42
here same, I tried multipe setups: differential, helpers, all the tires, reduced power, changed gears etc.pp.
did multiple attemps, nothing work at all,

all what you can do is spinning or drive arround the track with 20km/h at all...

this feels like a pre alpha game, please fix it...

PC, FFBWheel

07-10-2017, 14:27
At this point i thought it was an AI glitch - I’m pretty sure I went with winter (thought that would keep fire temps up) I won using the F1, didn’t try the jag only took some pictures. But it wasn’t a walk in the park a restart for sure and theat was on AI 0/0.

There are a number of weather events I can just not do on invitationals but the off road ford escort one at RX track in Finland takes the win. I can’t drive at all slomo spun around on start.

22-10-2017, 09:52
Have to dig this thread out as well. Just unlocked this event and no matter what tyres I am using, the AI has extremely more grip in corners.

First of all the Jag is understeering as hell, so I tried to change the setup accordingly. Reduced fuel load, lowered anti roll bars, tried every tyre available but the car feels like a complete mess.

It's ok if it feels like this, but it's extremely frustrating seeing the AI driving through turns like there was no rain at all. Kinda insane...