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28-09-2017, 15:36
hi, all
I'm looking for un set up for the Knockhill internal.
My car is the Formula rookie.
I'm suck a lot, when i pass a hill in turning, I loose control almost every time
i tried many setting by myself, but not really satisfy until now.
thank very much all of you who can help me

Sorry about the level of my English


28-09-2017, 15:41
I would say slow down more and try to steer as little as possible in the turn but more before the corner.
I struggle a great deal there as well.

Mon Pavion
28-09-2017, 16:57
Yeah you have to remember as a car goes over a hill its going to lift, effectively taking weight and therefore traction off all 4 tires. So you want to try and use as little steering input as possible until the car settles back down.

Maybe try lowering the ride height a little bit if you can.

major sunscreen
28-09-2017, 17:25
Rear toe out increase to about 1, soften rear suspension, move brake bias fwd a bit, makes for a very stable rear end.