View Full Version : Is the DQ issue at Sonoma National Fixed in 1.1.3??

28-09-2017, 16:13
This is a breaker for any racing at this track.
I was really hoping that this would be fixed in the first patch.

Siberian Tiger
28-09-2017, 16:22
Maybe,but not that i am Aware off...

Patch 1.1.3 is mostly for the Serverlist Issue + some AI Enhancements...

Patch 2.0 (Or 1.2.0) don't know how it's will be called in the End, will land soon and have many more fixes/improvements in it. -> But also here i don't know at the moment if this Problem will be fixed.

It is however in the Buglist so it will be adressed as soon as it's possible)