View Full Version : got a question regarding livetrack 3.0 and rain

Leper Messiah
28-09-2017, 18:46
Did a wet practice at brands in the Ginetta gt5, struggled to a 57, 2 seconds off fastest Ai (at 60%)....came into pits, adjusted setup came out and even though I was catching a lot of Ai up around the track (and getting balked) fastest I could do was 59s, loking at the live timings I was on the pace of the faster Ai (like I was in the dry), but due to the track conditions being rain I presume the overall grip levels reduced to a point I was never going to improve my time.


I need to be faster from the get go, otherwise whatever I do in the rest of the session I'm bleeped.

setup at least a couple of weather slots to put some variation into the track...to try and get it to a point with more grip again at some point in the session?

Correct assumptions or way off?

Leper Messiah
29-09-2017, 10:56
Well I did another race this morning and can more or less confirm the track just get's slower and slower as the rain falls, as it should lol. I'm SO used to artifical weather restrictions this caught me by (pleasant) surprise. I had no issues this time as I was faster out the box so only 0.3 of fastest in practise and 0.2 in quali to get 4th.

I did however have setup saving and loading issues, game didn't seem to be saving my changes, so I saved a new setup and that lost the previous one, so I reverted the changes and tried to save using the original save name and the game said it was already there...couldn't see it in the load setup list. Did more tinkering tried to save again and there was the original save back where it should be. I had 2 mins left in quali, went back to car to have a quick final run and couldn't select a gear or get out of the pits :( all I could control was the wipers and lights...so I just sat out the final 2 mins.

Did the race and won by 23 seconds, Ai is quite a bit slower in the race than it is in practise and qualifying.