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28-09-2017, 18:53
I have a TX Wheel and as many others here I have tried to find some settings to stick with for my racing. However unlike quite a few apparently my problem is that they different options I try all works quite good. :D

They can be very different in the feel in the wheel but by and large they all get the car round the track about the same time without much difficulty. For example at Oulton Park Fosters when I do a quick race with the Caterham Seven 620 R I "consistently" (bare in mind I'm not a brilliant driver exactly) have my fastest lap times in the 1:01 - 1:02 range.

The problem is how do I decide what settings to stick with and try to actually improve my racing and not just fiddle with the ffb settings? In other words any suggestion on how to best find out what settings have the highest chance to help me improve as a driver?

I have not included any settings since this is a question more about how to decide what is a "good" setting that finding one. But I have at least half a dussin setting that all works "fine" that I could post. I have only found one that I had a problem keeping the car on the track with.

(I posted this in the general forum since this is not a specific xbox question)

28-09-2017, 20:20
That's hard to answer. What is a good setting? As long as you're comfortable with them and don't get in the middle of your driving they're good for you, I guess :)