View Full Version : Wait for Ready bug or Feature?

28-09-2017, 19:20
In on-line Host controls
if Wait for Ready is ON
is this a Bug or a Feature?

At the race start screen you can select ready, or you can tune the setup.
Or you can just sit there and wait for the Timer to count down.

if you go to tune your setup.
the timer is no longer displayed.

If you don't finish on time, or you didn't select ready.
when you get taken to the Track, you Car is Placed in a BIT box, and you have no Controls.
All you can do is press option, and then Exit.
but if you do that, Sometimes the Game then Freezes up.

Is the, Pit Box, a Feature, because you didn't select Ready?
or is it a bug?

I would think that even if you didn't click on Ready, and you let the timer count down.
you would be placed on the starting grid to race.

I think the Idea of the Timer, is, "Hey this is all the time you have to adjust your Tune,
If you're not finished by then, you Race with what every tune you got."

Not, "Hey, since you didn't select Ready, you're not going to participate and you are sitting this one out in the pit box."

So which one is it..
A Bug that puts you in the Pit Box?

or a Feature that you didn't select Ready, so you're not participating?