View Full Version : Porsche Cayman GT4 - Fuji Speedway turn 3 - setup suggestions?

28-09-2017, 20:23
Hi all

On ps4 with ts300 in the Cayman GT4 at Fuji speedway.

I am challenged like no tomorrow getting around turn 3 at fuji (the left hander before the very long right hand corner).

At any speed in excess of 110 kmp/h i loose the rear end.

I have been tampering with the setup and cant get my head around what I need to do.

I have raised the front springs, and front arb. I have reduced rear arb and rebound. I have tried with very low rear sprimg settings.

From the telemetry i notice that the left (inside) wheel has a height of 10.2 cm before the apex, so I guess tge car is up on three wheels.

I cannot figure out how to get the car through that corner at a competitive speed.

Any settings or suggestions are highly appreciated

28-09-2017, 20:38
Fuji is a very difficult circuit. Approach its learning curve with philosophy, and tranquility. Otherwise you may get so mad at racing on it, and end up hating the track with a passion.

Fuji imo is better for drift fun with road cars. Did you try that too?, with race cars, specially the last sector..., can be very hard when you are on the track with really good racers, being right there where you will lose your pace against them.

The corner you talk about is easy. With a racing car such as the GT4 you like, take it very open from the entry while steering not too much (using the throttle to steer), then quickly return to neutral while being still easy on the throttle, correct any subtle rear train attack, and go go gooo for the last sector, the truly hard one in this track.

28-09-2017, 20:59
I am the reincarnation of tranquillities and zens love child :o

Just took the corvette road car aroumd the track - and i can cruise through turn 3 at 140+ on cold tires.

So it seems to come down to the setup of the Cayman GT4

28-09-2017, 21:09
Tried the Mustang gt4 on Fuji. Same behaviour as the cayman.

Switched to wets (summer/clear weather)

And turn 3 is a breeze ....

More testing to come

28-09-2017, 21:33
Back in the Cayman
All terrain no problems. Compared to hard slicks almost infinite grip. Wets infinite grip. Soft infinite grip. Hard slicks no grip in turn 3....

I'm gonna skip this race.

Hopefully some one can advise its a bug or that hard slicks have less grip than all terrain tires?