View Full Version : Custom Race Multi Class

28-09-2017, 21:38
So I have been banging around here trying to find an answer but could not. Apologies in advance if this is listed somewhere. When creating a custom race and selecting multi class I cannot select classes. For example, if I select an lmp2 car and want to add gt3 as another class I cannot. The multi class page will default with something like grp c which you cannot remove and then add some other class. Is this a bug also? Thanks in advance.

28-09-2017, 22:09
I found the same when trying to create a Le Mans style race online.

Maxime Parquet
29-09-2017, 11:07
I remember that on beta version on pc, there was some "presets" to choose like Le Mans style, in custom races. It should be somewhere in options I think, but I can't confirm as I am not at home.