View Full Version : Car selection and showroom - feedback and requests

28-09-2017, 21:41
A few thoughts & suggestions about the car/livery select and showroom aspect of the game, playing on PS4.

Overall, the static menus are a huge improvement in speed and ease of use over PC1, and my PS4 fan no longer hits max speed just from selecting a livery in the garage!

However, there are frequent delays or missed button presses when navigating the car selection menu, usually when choosing a car/loading liveries for the first time. About half the time I need to push X twice to confirm a car, or square twice to open livery select. I don't know if this is related to the complaint about menu slowdown, but it's nothing as drastic as those users report.

Livery selection is persistent per car 👍, but only if you confirm the livery AND confirm the car selection. So you can't just cruise through the garage setting different favorite liveries (like Assetto Corsa) without selecting each car for the race and then re-entering the car selection screen. I can understand why it's this way though.

The showroom environment doesn't necessarily represent all the paint finish and decal effects very accurately (e.g. Chrome, gold foil decals, anything reflective). Once on track in the sun, these all look fantastic, especially the pearl and matte paints. Showroom lighting is definitely darker/more contrasty, making it hard to see some detail. For a split second when loading the showroom, everything is much brighter before the contrast kicks in. I wonder if the exposure compensation affects this too?

Camera movement controls are too floaty for Drone Camera in Photo Mode. It’s hard to line up shots precisely because momentum swings the camera past where user input stops. This applies to the showroom and on track.

Request: Allow free camera rotation in Showroom via right stick w/o using Photo Mode, partly because of the above issue. If no user input, keep the cinematic camera as is. Also consider letting user cycle the livery within Showroom as in PC1, even as a slower alternative to the menu. It seemed from screenshots like the “livery selection” button might do that, but it actually just returns to that menu.

Request: Please add back the showroom options seen in WMD screenshots (garage, white backdrop). Not a priority, but would be nice icing on the cake once more pressing matters are taken care of.

Request: As nice as it is not to have "random" be the default livery for every car, it could still be an option in livery select so you don't always have to always manually choose if you're not too particular.