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29-09-2017, 00:43
Hi, I have always driven using the bumper cam in PC1 but it in PC2 it is nearly impossible to get into the first corner without the view blocked, happens at other corners as well, and this just wasn't the case in PC1.:( Any ideas? If I go off the preferred corner entry I can sort of see but then lap is wrecked. Not having much fun trying to improve my times.
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29-09-2017, 00:54
The FOV is set low to start with, I wonder if you put it to what you had on PC1 it might help. 89 springs to mind - it starts at 70......

29-09-2017, 02:39
Thanks, I am actually inside the ghost car with my car and it(ghost) is not transparent like in PC1. The view I am getting while driving in PC2 is what you used to get in PC1 when you viewed a TT replay from the ghost car. You can actually see the interior, suspension, tires engine etc. now in PC2 while you are trying to drive. I'll change FOV though as suggested.

29-09-2017, 02:48
Yeah, this is a problem for me. its just at the start, after that the car does go transparent. But that first corner you might as well shut your eyes.

29-09-2017, 09:33
Nope, FOV doesn't correct the problem. Any idea why my ghost cars don't show in replays?

29-09-2017, 14:35
I see you have not yet sorted your issue... feel compelled to help..... Maybe you could start off in bonnet cam then 1 click change to interior view after the first corner? I know it doesn't fix but .....

As for ghosts ... Probably one of the 7 big and 20 small issues due for fix in the patch....
Personally, I think it is foolhardy to progress too far into the game at present , wait for the patch....... just have some fun at the moment.