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29-09-2017, 03:22
Trying to reach the listed top speed with the Toyota but am hitting a final gear limit at about 186mph and I cannot change any of the ratios accept the first and second gear.
Something I'm missing?


29-09-2017, 03:26
Are you reducing aero and ducts etc?

29-09-2017, 12:54
Are you reducing aero and ducts etc?

Haven't messed with ducts, at 75% stock.
I tried reducing downforce it seems to be the transmission limiting my max speed.

LMP1 noob here so maybe I'm missing something .

29-09-2017, 12:58
Aero efficiency will also affect top speed. i.e. the more open your ducts are, the more aero resistance you have...

29-09-2017, 12:58
In pcars1 increasing the ride height to the max would gain you about 10mph. Still need to check if it works for pcars2 too.

29-09-2017, 13:04
Also, LMP1 Hybrind cars are not designed for maximum top speed. They are designed for maximum lap time while using only X amount of energy per lap. All of this time is gained under acceleration. Watch on-boards from the TS040 at Le Mans.

From the PC1 Forum:

Toyota TS040 - For me, this car is the highlight of the packages. Just love working out the details for these hybrid LMP1s. Manufacturers never give out detailed technical info for current race cars (and rightfully so), so we have to go into full forensic science to sort out the details of how it works. The car is a hoot to drive. Where itís main opposition, the R18 e-tron, is only mildly hybridized in the 2MJ class and drives mostly like a normal car, this thing has a Mario Kart Golden Mushroom on it. It is the fastest car with a low top speed that you'll ever drive. The thing with these hybrids is that getting the fastest lap is all about acceleration, not a top speed advantage. It's a strange feeling; when going for fastest laps you will have lower top speeds than a GT3 car, but getting to it so much more quickly means you are over 20s per lap faster at typical tracks. Notes on a few of the sub-systems below.

Aero: The car made news for having a (maybe...probably illegal) flexible rear wing system last year. We copied that here with via active aero system so it sheds about 300lb downforce and 60lb drag at typical Le Mans top speeds of 300kph. Efficiency drops a bit and balance shifts 4% forward when this happens. Numbers are just guesses, but should be in the right ballpark. I think this was much more significant to their performance than most realize. My own lap times around Le Mans dropped about 2s when adding this feature.

Power Unit: The 3.7L, naturally aspirated V8 is good for 520hp from 7000-8500rpm. Nice smooth engine. Hybrid motors add another 480hp (when over 300kph, below that speed they are torque-limited) split probably around 40/60 front/rear knowing the TS030ís rear-only MGU-K was good for 300hp. Configured the hybrid so that, driven normally, it uses all 6MJ of the energy at low speed for acceleration as that's best for lap times. Burning a full charge will take you from 60-280kph at an amazing rate and is about 3s faster over a lap of Le Mans than using it for top speed boost, even if top speed drops from 340kph to 300 when used that way. It is possible to use it for top speed on our model: Get up to 250kph or so without using full throttle and then give it full beans. That's when you'll see the power meter approach 1000hp and it will shoot up to 350kph in about 5s. Impressive, but only ever useful for passing slower traffic.

Gearbox: Slightly odd setup here. I can't find any evidence of 1st gear being used. It is always in 2nd even at 60kph behind safety cars, in La Source, Arnage, etc. 1st must be only for leaving the pits under electric power when the engine hasn't fired up yet. In Le Mans gearing, 6th gear takes it to 285kph, even if top speed in the most effective hybrid mode is only 295-300kph. 7th is purely for fuel saving and when they want to use the hybrid for a top speed boost. Then all of the extra hybrid torque means that 3rd/4th gear is fine for all but the slowest corners. Expect to be spending most of your time at most tracks in 4th-6th gear.

Some best laps turned in testing so far:
Le Mans: 3:23.5
Silverstone: 1:43.1
Spa: 2:00.5

29-09-2017, 15:07
Where can we find an onboard quali lap from the ts040 on le mans? . I believe that during quali the Mulsanne straight had topspeeds reaching to 324 km/u ( constant so not a short speed burst of the hybrid power)

30-09-2017, 15:11
all the ones i've found for the TS040 dont have telemetry, but FIA timing from qualifying has top speeds around 334-335kph

I was able to reach those speeds just now in the game.

Aero to 0-0 and brake ducts at 5% and made the FD shorter (lower number). 90% throttle until 5th gear to save hybrid power.