View Full Version : Career Mode - Tier 2 - Issues

29-09-2017, 03:38
Hi There,

I started my second season in career mode - Tier 2 - WSCR - Sports Car US Champsionship. I'm racing with the Orieca 03 nissan. First race at Long Beach -

- Everytime I went into the pits, I couldnt find my pit crew?? I eventually found out where it was by driving slowly through the pits - by the looks of it is was the last pit stall...
- Tire wear didn't seem to work? I ran a 1 hour race and I had next to no tire wear at all - this is on soft slicks (i use Pcar profiler and with 15 minutes to go my tire wear for all 4 tires ranged from 3-4)? I dont know if this is a bug or can soft tires last this long??
- I'm using a G29 logitech wheel and with 20 minutes to go my wheel stopped working totally?? (i sat there cursing the computer for like 5 minutes until all of a sudden it came back on???).....

Anyway, I don't know if anyone else had / has the same issues??

im just about to start race 2 at Daytona, so I will see if there are similar issues??


ps, I love this game, it makes me very happy on the inside!!!!