View Full Version : Bug report on Rally X and HUD

29-09-2017, 04:40
Just started my first chamionship off road (rally X, dirtfish, ford) and want to report 2 bugs.

1. taking the joker round in laps 2-4 of qualifying gets you a penalty stating that I've already taken one before. Taking joker round in the first lap doesn't get you a penalty.

2. Got a 1:01:00 min (61s) penalty for driving "off track". However I never was off track, only slightly on grass with two tires between S1 and S2 in this slalom like part of the track. (You never really can be off track on dirt and with 'walls' on both sides of the track. 61s must be a bug, since this is not a penalty but a KO since one lap takes you less than a minute.

3. An overall bug: in HUD you can't find symbols for ABS and TSK in PS4 version - On PC version they are there - right next to oil temperature and fuel.

Please fix this.

talking about patches. PC got the second patch yesterday. When can PS4 users expect an update?